Establishing a regular care routine

Many modern vinyl flooring products are completely waterproof. These durable products are able to withstand heavy foot traffic as well. Despite their durability, vinyl still needs routine care & maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Your first step should be to establish a preventative care routine that’s easy for your entire household to follow. Place all furniture on protective pads to avoid scratching or denting your floors. Invest in quality doormats for all entryways to catch dirt that would otherwise get tracked in and ground into your floors.

Your daily upkeep should consist of sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming using a manufacturer-approved machine. If you vacuum, disconnect your machine’s beater bar to avoid damaging your floor’s surface.

Rain shoes on Vinyl flooring | Independent Floor Covering
Milk spill on floor | Independent Floor Covering

Dealing with spills and stains

Vinyl flooring may be waterproof, but you still don’t want to leave spills and messes sitting for long if you want to avoid stains. Wipe away liquid spills and other common messes with a clean cloth. For tougher messes such as those caused by materials like wax or nail polish, you'll want to check with your manufacturer's care guidelines. If using any cleaning products, make sure those are manufacturer-approved as well.