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Trust us with your tile installation!

Tile installation can be complex and challenging, so we recommend trusting the experts at Independent Floor Covering to get it done right while you relax! Learn more about the tile installation process below.



The tile installation process

On the day of your installation, please ensure that an adult member of your household (someone who is 18 years of age or older) is available to greet our installation crew and show them to the work area. 

We’ll start by removing all furniture from the rooms where new tile is to be installed. If you have heavy or unusually-shaped items that require special care, we may ask you to consider a professional moving service in addition to your installation. This is a detail that we’ll discuss before scheduling your installation appointment.

After removing your furniture, we'll ensure your subfloor is ready for tile. This can involve cleaning, leveling, and installing concrete backers as necessary. We'll also remove and dispose of your pre-existing flooring. Next, we'll carefully spread grout and lay each tile. For everyone’s safety, keep small children and pets away from the work area until the job is done. Feel free to ask your lead installer any questions you might have about the finished product.

installing tile flooring | Independent Floor Covering