Proper laminate care & maintenance

Life can take a real toll on your floors. Over time, even durable laminate will start to succumb to wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, stains, and spills. At Independent Floor Covering, we want your floors to last as long as they’re meant to, which is why we recommend the following:

  • DO sweep, dry mop, or vacuum your floors regularly.
  • DO damp mop if your manufacturer's care guidelines say it's OK.
  • DO use floor protectors on all furniture to prevent scratching & indentations from forming.
  • DO place a few area rugs around your home to give your laminate some extra protection.
  • DO spot clean (& occasionally deep clean) with manufacturer-approved products.
  • DON'T drag furniture when moving it (lift only).
  • DON'T use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powder on your laminate floors.
Laminate cleaning | Independent Floor Covering
Red wine stain on Laminate floor | Independent Floor Covering

Dealing with spills & stains

Laminate is generally quite easy to clean. In most cases, you can wipe away spills & messes like sauces, liquids, and pet accidents with a clean, dry cloth. Always address messes immediately to mitigate potential warping.

Messes from tougher materials such as wax and nail polish will require a different approach. Consult your manufacturer's care guidelines to deal with these tougher stains without damaging the surface of your flooring.