Preventative Maintenance

To start, you can have guests and family members remove shoes before entering your home to minimize the amount of dirt tracked in and ground into your rugs. Dirt particles damage rug fibers at a level unseen at first, but which will make itself evident in time.

You can also place carpet protectors under all furniture legs, limit your rugs’ exposure to direct UV rays from sunlight, and take caution when relocating furniture by never dragging or dropping heavy items on your rugs.

Your Regular Cleaning Routine

Vacuum your rug a couple of times a week with a manufacturer-approved appliance. For spaces that experience heavier-than-average foot traffic, daily vacuuming may be best.

Cleaning shag rugs

I’s very important to protect the long cable-like yarns of a shag rug when vacuuming. These can wrap around your vacuum’s beater bar, or rotator brush, and become damaged To prevent such damage, consult your vacuum manual to learn how to disconnect the beater bar before vacuuming. You should also set your vacuum to the lowest height setting for the best suction. Consider buying a carpet rake to loosen soil before vacuuming.

Family gosping in living room | Independent Floor Covering
Coffee spill on area rug | Independent Floor Covering

Dealing with spills and stains

No matter how careful you are, your area rug will likely fall victim to the occasional spill or stain, especially if you have high-energy kids or pets! Fortunately, many of our area rugs feature fibers with built-in stain-resistance. Despite this technology, it's still important to properly address spills as soon as they occur to prevent them from becoming stubborn stains! Check your manufacturer's care guidelines for both water- and oil-based stains.